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By C Double, Jan 1 2013 08:40PM


Off to a flying start for 2013, thanks to Jay Petsko Arty McFly & the Roll Somethin Records family, not forgetting the incredible our boy Stretch Money. Featuring with Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, Rick Ross, 50 Cent , Snoop & many more...............

C Dubz

By C Double, Oct 14 2012 06:04PM

It's really not that often we producers meet someone exciting , someone who from the moment they speak or involve you in their ideas your juices are flowing with insparation and a passion to really get involved in that moment were dreams become real. But that's what I get from Miranda and I can tell you now, I haven't a clue what's coming next, but you see I like that, is that not what we want?

Check out track 24 "2 face" featuring yours truely C Double & and you know why Miranda goes up and up like this........? I swear it's not only because of her amazing Mum & Pops by her side to that drive her from LPD Entertainment,but also simlpy , people just follow her! and is that not what a great artist does. It's like she's laying down the stones on the Yellow brick road for you to .........well, just follow and enjoy her incredible journey.

Chris (C Double) Wilkey

By C Double, Apr 23 2012 06:11AM

The first time I was introduced to DJ Kim was in 1989 when Kim was working on a YTS scheme for BBC Radio Bristol reading out the Hip Hop charts on a Sunday afternoon while I was trying to get my first air play at 15 years old with M.C Red.

After that Kim entered countless competitions, worked on endless radio shows up & down the country and picked up a Hip Hop interview list that would blow you away!

Kim is a Legend, the original , the best & who better to hook up with for production on this incredible come back Mixtape than DMC award winning “Asian Hawk”!

Welcome back Kim, now it's time to give back all you shared with us for so many years.

Your boy C Dubz


By C Double, Mar 31 2012 12:20PM

I think one of the best things as a Hip Hop producer is not being shy of a sample, but last week New Jersey's Hip Hop producer Jay Petsko opened my eyes further by suggesting a "Bee Gee's" track to sample.............and you know what, after the last beat I did "Vibrations" using a "Beach Boys" track........how can I argue the matter!!!!

For me, It's only the end of March, but this "WAIT" beat is the sickest Beat I done this year...........and now many more to come.

Thanks to the insparation of Jay Petsko, my extended family & good freind across the water.