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(1996) S.P.I.T.




This album was a all-star project of local talent and included 12 Singers, M.C's and producers "There was a 13th that doesn't deserve the following credit as he left with out a trace when the album was released to represent another town letting down the team he worked with and his co-writter "Jonny Soundskape"



Cee, Gweni, Hannah Collins, Vicky read, Kanetic, Motion, Siesta, Jonny Soundskape, Evil Eyes, Junior Starr. G.O.3, Riff Raff.

Live all-stars album recorded at the "Blue Mountin" night club Bristol.

Live album recorded at the "Crown" pub Bath City. (Thanks to our good freind Markie B)


Featuring: C-Double, Gweni, Jonny Soundskape, Hannah Collins, D.Bar, D.J Patl.


The second half of this CD is live mixes of the night by D.J. Patl and hosted by Gweni.

Yea, Yea we were the ones who thought up the slag word "SPIT" way before Eminem! Thats our claim to fame.


Featuring: Outrun, Gweni and Cee

I guess this just reminds us all how long we been doing this shxx for ahh.


Wicked tape though. A tape was what we used before CDs!


It holds not only tracks but old Megamixes of the time.


DI-WRECK is the longest serving Hip Hop crew in Bath and have produced a number of albums over 25 years such as “Ragga Hip Hop crew”(1992) & “Snow On The Hill” (2003). Di-Wreck is an All-Star crew witch means their artists are independent. Di-Wreck is the music behind the various artists you will see feature with us from producer C-Double www.cdoublebeats.com


They have had colaboz in both music, Radio and marketing with Gravity. DZK,Arty Mcfly (Roll Somthin Records), Tony Dowsey, (Rza's Producer), D.J. Diggz (Radio 1xtra) D.J Kim (Kiss FM,Eagle,Galaxy). Lost Souls (DC), "Notorious", "Rudy Fresh",   and many more local & international All-Stars.


Di-Wreck's most recent work steems a  new international All-Stars album called “UK TO THE US” Featuring  Green Lantern’s Arty McFly, RZA’s Tony Dowsey, Knuckle Babies Gravity and NO1 online battle rapper DZK….


H  I  P   H  O  P

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(2009) UK TO THE US

Di-Wreck All-Stars album with colaberations from around the world.